Random on a Wednesday

1.  I had to go to traffic court this morning.  (For speeding.  I was guilty, in case you wonder.)

2.  I took knitting, as I figured I might be there a while.

3.  I was there a while.

4.  They wouldn't let me knit.

5.  This made my morning considerably less productive and less tolerable than it could otherwise have been.

6.  So when the judge (I think he was a judge, everyone called him "Your Honour") completely mispronounced my first name, I was perhaps a little less tolerant than I could have been.

7.  At least I only got sent to traffic school.

8.  I bought "All Wound Up" by Steph Pearl-McPhee (otherwise known as The Yarn Harlot) to cheer myself up.

9.  It worked.

10.  I also bought a little calendar-book in which to record all the books I read (and possibly movies I watch) this year.  I used to keep lists when I was younger and it's so interesting to look back and see what phase of reading I was in.  I've finished four books already since the 1st.

11.  My collection of 70% off rescue amaryllises has grown to three.  Two Red Lions and a Minerva.  I'll put pictures up when they start blooming!

12.  I really wish I could show you my current knitting project because I'm a little in love with it.  But it's secret test-knitting so I can't.  Sorry.


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