Not my best effort

This weekend I attempted to make cookies.  I'd found a recipe for peanut-butter-and-jelly cookies, which sounded and looked delightful, so I gave them a try.

The dough was supposed to be "stiff and crumbly".  After adding an extra half-cup of flour, and after thirty minutes in the fridge, they were finally firm enough to shape into balls... almost...

The texture, when baked, is most peculiar.  They're a bit like trying to eat sand cookies - they have that same fine, crumbly quality.  I used the remains of a jar of homemade strawberry jam which was floating around the fridge.  It's good, but it "bled" into the cookie.  They look sort of like the Death of Marat.

The only thing which can be said for them is that they're edible.  I'm still confused why they didn't turn out - I followed the recipe! - but we ate them all, so I guess they're not a total loss.