Lazy Morning

I like Thursdays.  Until I get my grad assistant schedule sorted out, I don't have to go anywhere until mid-afternoon.  (Probably this was my last week of that, but oh well!  I'll enjoy it while I can!)

Today I slept until about 9:30 (not counting answering a call from my doctor to move my appointment again).  Then I woke up just enough to pull out my book of music and spend an hour still in bed, curled up with the cat, memorizing the words to Desdemona's "Willow Song" aria from the end of Othello, which I'm singing tomorrow for the Concerto and Aria Competition at school.

Not the music I was learning, but it's a picture of music and I took it.  So.  :-)
I don't know why I can't seem to memorize things until the last minute.  Granted, I didn't even know the competition was tomorrow until a week ago, but still.  I've looked at that aria every say since last Thursday and made hardly any progress.  Today, the words fitted into my brain as if there was a Verdi-shaped slot just for them.

So it was a lazy morning, but it was still productive.  The best kind!

(I'm taking a wee break from knitting - I think a four-day weekend spent almost entirely on knitting, following a three-week vacation in which I knit quite a lot, was a little hard on my hands.  They're much better today after a complete rest yesterday, but I think I'll give them another day of recovery just to be safe.)