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Joyeaux Noel!

Wishing you all a most blessed and wonderful Christmas Day! For unto us a child is born... unto us a Son is given! Rejoice greatly!
Happy Christmas, dear ones!


I'm staying in a friend's apartment this week prior to returning home on Sunday, since the dorms closed last Saturday. And sometimes, when I'm left alone with few commitments and a lovely kitchen on my hands, things happen.
Sometimes, this happens: lovely sunlight breakfast, with candles just because I can.

Sometimes this happens. Dinner made for a friend is always better than dinner for oneself.

Sometimes, these happen. Such a silly name, monkey bread, but such a sweet treat.

Or this. Oh, this is just one of the best cakes I've ever tasted.

And sometimes, I have time to knit an entire sock in the space of two days.

Christmas Meme

Well, I was looking for something to post on my blog, and as both Sarah Jane, Rachel, and Serena have posted this meme in the last few weeks, I thought I'd give it a go :-) I enjoyed it - I hope you will as well!
~~Christmas Meme~~ 1. Eggnog or hot chocolate? I enjoy eggnog sometimes, but hot chocolate is always a favourite. It's best when it's made my dad's way: sugar and cocoa powder blended together and heated, on the stovetop, with milk. (As we got older, sometimes he'd add a splash of peppermint liqueur - fantastic!)

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? We never really "did" Santa Claus - we joke about him, but I don't remember a time when I thought he was real. But our presents are always, always wrapped. (The last several years, I've helped my mother wrap the family gifts - we spread out the wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, and tape in the basement, pop in a movie, and set up a screen between us while we wrap each…

Bits and Pieces

This is just to say: I am FINISHED with finals!
I have had one of the longest semesters of my entire life (rivaled only, perhaps, by last spring) but I am happy to report that I have survived with my sanity and my GPA both still intact. I'm spending this next week in a friend's apartment before going home; I'm entirely alone, which I love -- nothing to do unless I want to do it, nothing to keep me from sleeping when and for how long I want. In celebration of this I went to bed at 6:30 last night.
That was probably the best thing I've done in weeks!
In other news, I found my camera charger (logically, in the front pocket of my camera bag, where I haven't been able to find it for three months) so hopefully I will soon have some pictures to share with you! I find I blog more regularly if I have photos to share.
In the mean time, I hope you all have a lovely day and a blessed third Sunday of Advent!