In which Conrad goes adventuring and finds a lot of dust

Sunday afternoon I was standing in the kitchen holding the cat when he showed a decided desire to climb on top of the fridge.  All right, I thought, and let him up.  From thence he found his way onto the kitchen cabinets, which end about a foot below the ceiling.

He had a grand time for a while, wandering up and down and exploring.

Also, collecting a great deal of dust.

Then he decided he wanted to come down and realised he didn't know how.  At this point he got a little worried, and looked at me anxiously.  But when I climbed on a chair to help him down he swatted at me and wouldn't let me touch him.

He had to be coaxed with a treat.

He was absolutely covered in dust.

And as soon as I got him down, he was sitting on the dog food box, staring longingly upwards.  Apparently he has acquired a taste for heights.