Music for a New Semester

The spring semester starts today!  It's grey and soggy, but not nearly as cold as a day in January ought to be.  I want some snow to brighten things up!

I thought I'd share with you a musical group which I just discovered.  They're called The Staves and they are three sisters from England.  I'm not really sure how to classify their music -- definitely influenced by folk music, but that's not all they sing.  Their voices are lovely and their harmonies are incredible.

I'm going to try to make this semester as sweet and smooth as their harmonies!

So far the day has not been auspicious.  I woke up late, tripped and fell sprawling trying to cross my own bedroom, and just now Conrad presented me with a hairball, which I suppose I need to clean up out of the carpet.  Here's hoping the rest of the day - and the year - are better than this!