New Year's Dress

(I had a strong urge to title this post "Did you see my party dress?" but then I thought better of it...)

I didn't end up wearing this dress for Christmas Eve (though it was nearly finished in time) as I thought it was a little too dressy for church services.  But it did make its appearance at the New Year's Eve party we attended at our friends' house.  It was a little too dressy for that as well, but oh well!
Pattern: McCall's 6027, view B but without the skirt godets.  Fabric: white poly "lining" fabric, lined with a white-on-white figured calico.  Black lace trim.
The size I cut out was enormous on me.  So I took in a lot of the seams, but didn't measure exactly and didn't try on again.  As a result it's a tiny bit snug on me.  But since I'm supposed to be trying to slim a bit that should get better quickly, and in the meantime it works fine.  I wore it with a scarf last night, partly to hide the tugging and partly for a splash of colour.
I love the tiny sleeves!
I did have wine but the liquid in the glass here is actually Coke ;-)
The skirt is full and twirly.  It hit me just at the knees, so the dress feels a bit retro and definitely still modest, but it's short enough to not look out of place with modern clothes, either.  The lace is whipstitched to the hem of the underskirt.
Last night I wore this with my red pashmina scarf, the belt from this summer's silk bridesmaid dress, a 5-strand necklace, and black lace tights.  I think it would be fun with a red belt or sash, as well!

I'm really pleased with how this dress came out -- it's almost exactly as I'd imagined it.  I can see this being a go-to party dress for many seasons to come.


  1. Oh GILLIAN!! I LOVE this dress! It has got to be one of my favorite party dresses of all time. It looks great on you (it doesn't look too snug to me; rather, just right!) and I love how you acessorized it. So sweet and fun and flirty!

  2. That's really super fabulous! I love it! I wish I were brave enough to wear a white dress - you look totally darling, and courageous with your glass of red beverage!

  3. Thank you! Sarah, I'm glad you don't think it looks too snug :) Jenny, I figure I'd better get in my white dresses now before I have children! I was paranoid about spilling something on it, though, as I usually manage to stain light-coloured clothes.


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