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Catching Up

I have determined that college classes are detrimental to blogging.  This is unfortunate, for I must keep up in my classes, but I like blogging!
Today I had the hearing for my junior recital.  Basically it was an examination to make sure I was well-prepared and ready to present the recital.  I passed, in spite of the fact that I didn't completely finish memorizing my music until yesterday afternoon!  I'm so relieved to have that over with.  The recital itself - two weeks from today - will be a piece of cake compared to this ;)
It's been unusually cold and snowy down here in the south, but I think the weather is finally making a turn towards spring.  I love winter, but I confess I'm about ready for warm temperatures, and sunny days more than once every two weeks!
My amaryllis, which I've had since I was 15, is about to bloom.  It's a temperamental and eccentric bulb; they are supposed to bloom at Christmas, but this one never does.  It has been later and later ever…