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Crafting for a Cause

The world has been a pretty hurt-filled place lately, hasn't it?  Hurricanes and wildfires and political unrest at home and abroad.

My resources are stretched thin, and I've already donated my personal limit to disaster relief funds both here and in our Caribbean territories.  But I can't get the thought of people hurting, afraid, without food or shelter, out of my head.  So from now until the end of October, I will donate 20% of the proceeds from any sale made through my Etsy shop to relief funds for the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  (I know these aren't the only places hurting, but I have a friend from St. Thomas who is a good source for reliable donation funds, and I want to make sure the money's going where it needs to go!)

So make a purchase through Somewhen Designs, and know that a portion of that will go directly to help hurricane-battered families get food, water, and the ability to rebuild their lives.

If you'd rather just donate, that's good…

They Ought to be Cranes

When I found out my best friend was expecting her first baby, I immediately knew which sweater I'd make for the new little one.  Shannon loves owls, so Owlet by Kate Davis was the obvious choice!

Well, as we all know by now, I am chronically late with gifts.  So instead of knitting a tiny sweater for a new baby born last February, I ended up knitting a toddler-sized sweater for a one-year-old - which will probably fit her better next winter than this.

I used a KnitPicks Wool of the Andes worsted, though the pattern calls for Aran weight.  Had I actually been knitting a small sweater this would have been fine, but since I sized up I ended up having to rework the pattern to produce the size I wanted with the yarn I had.
The pattern is very clear, and had I not changed all the stitch counts it would have been extremely simple.  As it was, it was still mostly simple!  I did choose not to stitch on buttons for eyes on all those owls, as I did not want them becoming a choking hazard (a…

Succulents and citrus

Citrus and succulents, hanging out together at the office. Until I eat the grapefruit for lunch.

Mittens, a little late

At last I have finished these mittens - started a year and a half ago as my dad's Christmas gift, December 2015.

Just in time for the warm weather!

Pattern is "NHM #3" from Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition by Terri Shea.  The yarn is a luscious merino wool/silk blend, and I added some length and width for my father's large hands.  I'm pleased to say that after washing and blocking, the line where I started knitting again after more than a year is no longer noticeable.

Cox Arboretum

This weekend we were in Ohio for a surprise birthday party, and Stephen took me to the arboretum.

It's prime time for the peonies

And the daisies were impeccable.


Probably it is not the mark of an excellent blogger to go 18 months without a new post.

Life has been busy, and hard and fun and wonderful and painful and expensive and so very full of beauty.

I plan to be back in this space more often, with more pictures of daily life, and posts about creations, since I am beginning to make time to create again.

I hope you have all been well and I look forward to re-connecting through this space!