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Audits and Beethoven

(Too bad that's not "Auditions and Beethoven".  I feel that would be a much more exciting blog post!)

This morning we had our Corporate audit/inspection at the theatre.  Work has been a bit more frantic than usual the last few weeks, as we've been deep-cleaning everything, making sure it looks its best for the inspectors.  It really is a clean and well-run place to begin with, so this wasn't as bad as it might be, but even with regular scrubs, anything within a ten-foot radius of a popcorn machine gets a fine coating of grease which is a pain to shine up.

(Rick, a co-worker, as I was giving the popper its evening scrub for (my) first time:  "You have to treat the popper as your mortal foe.  It thinks about nothing but popcorn and agony."  And I would add: and grease.  Lots of grease.)

Last night I had to clean all the glass and windows in the lobby of the theatre.  If you haven't been there, I'll tell you this -- there's LOTS of it.  The who…


Today actually felt like June.  Warm but not hot... low humidity... a good breeze blowing.   I took my knitting and my tea and Anne of Windy Poplars out to the back deck for a couple hours.  (I did remember sunscreen.  Maybe not enough sunscreen though.)

The elephants seem never-ending, but I really may finally be reaching the end of the knitting.  Tomorrow: sewing up!

Sunday pictures


Keane, Abbreviated

This is not quite the post I was planning to write.  I was hoping for photos with the band members, for one thing (they often speak to fans after shows.)  But it didn't quite work out that way...

My friend Mae texted me a month or so ago.  "Do you like Keane?" she said.  As it so happens, I do - I discovered them my last year of high school and bought two of their albums then.  I hadn't thought much about them lately, though.  But I texted back "Yes", and then she said that they were playing in Nashville (first time they've been in this part of the country for about 5 years), and did I want to go with her?

Well, that was a yes. So we bought tickets and yesterday we set off.

The drive down was uneventful.  The venue was less than a mile off the highway - convenient!  We parked just a block away and then walked a few blocks to Subway to grab some dinner.  Then a walk back to stand in the line - we wanted to get as close as possible to the stage.

The weat…

Life is a bowl of cherries

Literally a bowl of cherries.  They were on sale!  Normally I can't even begin to afford them.  On a more figurative level life is going pretty well too.

Conrad is not so sure about the goodness of life, though, since I won't let him steal my cherries to play with them.

There's also been some lace knitting.  This is the Mystery Shawl, up through Clue 3.

And tonight I'm going with a friend to see Keane!  I'll take my camera, so hopefully there will be a picture-story for you tomorrow.

The scent of darkness

Have you ever noticed how when you walk in the dark, your other senses are heightened?  Sight isn't very useful, but suddenly hearing and smell are extra-sensitive.

I went for a walk this evening.  Just at the end of dusk, when the sunset was still a faint glow in the west.  It's a well-lighted neighbourhood, safe enough to walk alone but dark enough to make one feel isolated.  A glorious loneliness.

And the scents.  A whiff of cigar smoke.  Somebody's lawn, freshly mown.  Somebody's lawn, overgrown and full of the fragrance of clover.  From somewhere hidden, the sharp sweet scent of roses.    A bright, herby smell, and from across the street, whiffs from a kitchen.

And then the sounds.   The constant hum of crickets and cicadas.  The occasional croak of a frog.  Somewhere far away, the slam of a car door.  The whir of a bat, not far overhead.  Everywhere the whisper of evening breeze.

The world is so beautiful, even in the darkness.

Yarny Goodness

Any day that you receive three packages in the same post is a good day!  Especially when one of them is from your family, and one of them is this:

and the third contains five skeins of gorgeous wool in a suitably Pond-ish red.

Actually this is the third delivery of Amy-coloured wool in the last week.  I have so far restrained myself from beginning any actual knitting on either of Amy's scarves, but I could not resist the yarn hunt.  An hour or so on Etsy turned up several good possibilities.

In addition to the vintage Wool and Shetland Wool which arrived today (a DK/light worsted, probably), we also have the three skeins of Peace Fleece worsted, scored at a ridiculously low price,

and the merino/cashmere/angora/nylon blend, which is not only beautifully cuddly and is going to be perfect for the lace scarf, but is recycled from a sweater and is therefore also good for the world.  (Because, recycling and stuff.)

I also have to show you the ridiculously adorable owl stitch markers (a…

So much garter stitch

It's been all garter stitch, all the time around here lately, with just a little lace thrown in for good measure.  It's surprisingly not boring.  Plus I get to play with colours!

Amy's scarf

It's possible I've mentioned this before, but I find the wealth of gorgeous knitted accessories in British TV and films delightful.  I am always filled with enthusiasm and the strong desire to rush out and knit ALL THE THINGS I see.  (Witness the number of Hogwarts house scarves I've knit.)  I wonder why American shows never seem to feature hand-knits.  Are we too cool for that?

Recently, it's been Doctor Who.  (You will have noticed this if you read my blog with any regularity.)  I came up with the pattern for Rose Tyler's fingerless mitts, I'm deep in the throes of the 4th Doctor's scarf (so. much. plain. knitting.), and now I've become fascinated by Amy Pond's red scarf.

Or actually, scarves.

I'm watching grainy images on Netflix which never, ever, ever pause in focus, and most of the photos I can find on the web are similarly pixellated.  But there are definitely two distinct scarves - one is a bit heavier and more solidly knit, with a narro…