Knitter's Compulsion

Most people, on finding that they are cold, go and put on another pair of socks, a hat, or perhaps a sweater. This seems reasonable to them.  But knitters, faced with the same problem, are much more apt to go rummage through a drawer, pull out a pile of yarn, and cast on a pair of socks, a hat, or perhaps a sweater.  If the knitter is particularly cold, she may find herself with all three on the needles.  And this also seems perfectly reasonable.

It is probably not quite so reasonable as we knitters fondly believe.

It has been cold, and I had a long weekend.

A lot of knitting has happened.

This adorable hat is Cloche Divine, designed by Meghan Jones.  It was started because my head was cold when I walked from the bus stop on Thursday morning, and knitting a new hat seemed the logical solution to that problem.  It took me the duration of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and the first half-hour of Goblet of Fire to knit.  (It is hard to take good pictures of one's own head.  Sorry about that.)

 Then I knit a duo of tea cosies.  Because a long weekend spent knitting and watching movies must necessarily have tea to go with it, and that reminded me that the tea pot was probably chilly, too.  (These are up in the shop!)

The secret project is warm and wooly too and it got quite a bit of knitting love as well, but you still can't see it.  Sorry.

I have almost finished off the latest in a series of Hogwarts-inspired scarves - a Gryffindor one.  Also destined for the shop.  Massive and warm.  Pictures soon.

I'm also really wanting to knit myself a sweater.  I found a sweater's worth of pale grey yarn in a box yesterday and it immediately started jumping up and down crying "Knit me!  Knit me!" ... so perhaps that will be the next major project.

(Now, apparently just to be perverse, the temperatures are back in the 40s and 50s, and it poured rain all day.  But I'm holding out hope that the cold weather will come back so as not to render my woolies superfluous!)


  1. Lovely knits. I'll try and send the cold temperatures your way.

    I did the unthinkable and took a pair of mittens out of my stash of FO's to replace the felted Compass Mittens that I lost in mid-December. I still want to knit myself a special pair, though!

  2. It was cold enough today to wear a hat and wish I'd remembered my mittens. Maybe thanks to you? :)

    I think I need to make myself some new mittens with extra-long cuffs; my coat sleeves are just a tiny bit short, and I often wear short sleeves to school because the building is so warm!


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