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Christmas cooking - Fudge

Yesterday I made a big batch of fudge for holiday gifts and to take to a Christmas party.  Half of it went to the potluck and there were only three pieces left when I departed!  I guess that means it was a winner ;-)

The recipe is basically the "Never-Fail Fudge" from James Beard's American Cookery book.  I added in some chopped walnuts and dried cherries to make it a little more festive.  And I took pictures of the process because I love the way it comes together.

Fudge - totally not scary to make, and a really great holiday treat!


Housework goes so much better with an apron on.

My room was just as much a disaster as ever, but took less than half the time to clean that it usually does - because since I organized over the summer, I know exactly where everything is *supposed* to go.  I may not put it there on a daily basis but when it comes to clearing up, at least I have some structure to work with.

Conrad acts like we've moved to a new place every time I clean.  He has to sniff around and explore all the nooks and crannies as if for the first time ever.

I still have far more fabric and yarn than I have space in which to store them.

Candles make everything better.  So do fresh flowers.

I'm much more motivated to clean on days like yesterday - grey and blustery - than when it's sunny outside.  I'm not sure why that is?

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas.  I think maybe I just needed some order in my life.


If I've been quiet around here, it's been mostly the time of year - end of semester exams, recital hearing (I passed!), work, pre-Christmas concerts.  (As a singer, this is probably my busiest time of year.)  But more than that it's just me.  I've been restless, unsettled - incredibly busy yet feeling at loose ends.  More than that I'm really having trouble believing that it's only a week until Christmas.  The weather's not helping - it persists in behaving like early October... but somehow the "Christmas spirit" is awfully slow in coming to me this year. 

This week I'm busy cleaning and cooking in preparation for my brother's visit, and also finishing up the last of the Christmas knitting (more than there should be, but I think it's doable.)  After Christmas you'll get all the gift-knitting in photos, but for now there's not much to show.  So I'll just leave you with a song from Kate Walsh, who I discovered a while ago but…