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The problem with college... that I never seem to find time to update my blog. *Sigh* I promise, I have been doing very many memorable and possibly document-worthy things in the last month or so; so many in fact that I have not made time to come and tell you about them. I do apologise. I shall try to do better in future.

The other problem with college is sleep deprivation.

Briefly, then, here are the things that have been happening in my life:

1.) 18 credit hours, consisting of 10 classes/applied lessons, all but one class of which are music and happen in the music building. I love it!

2.) Opera Workshop. It counts as one of those 10 classes, but has taken on a life of its own quite apart from class time. I'm singing the role of the young up-and-comer in Mozart's one-act opera The Impressario, and I'm terribly excited about it!

3.) The musical! Union's theatre department is staging "Zombies from the Beyond" this semester, and I got a leading role in it. (Don't write it off…