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Project UFO

Oh look, I took another 6-month break from blogging.  I keep saying I won't do that again... and then I do that again.  So much else is going on that sometimes blogging takes a backseat!  Things like knitting 9 pairs of Dobby Socks since October, for instance. And to be honest, since I finally caved and signed up for Instagram, it's easier to let the blogging slide.

But a new year, and a new post, and a new project!  I've been feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF in my life.  A year in a 550-square-foot apartment with very little closet space will do that to a girl.  I'm also hampered by a dread of throwing away anything that might someday be useful, or worth something!  But I've got to start somewhere, so here it is: finish all the UFOs.

No, I don't have alien spaceships crammed in here too.  UFO in the crafting world stands for UnFinished Object, and friends? I have LOTS.  Even just scrolling through my Ravelry project page (where I'm a…