I sometimes have the uncomfortable suspicion that Conrad is a bully.

But you would never know to look at him.
Take this morning for example.  We woke up and stumbled downstairs, me to the bathroom, the cat to see whether the master bedroom (and therefore the food which he enjoys stealing) were open and available.  They were not, and this seems to have put him in a bad temper.

I was in the kitchen making tea when my landlords' cat knocked to come inside.  (Well, squeaked, really.  He rubs his paws on the glass door, and if it's been wet outside he gets a sort of squeegee effect.)  I went to let him in, but as I was pulling the door open, Conrad appeared out of nowhere and tried to pounce.

I shut the door again.  I don't want Conrad getting outside, or either of them fighting.  These two have never gotten along very well, and I didn't want to push it.  So I distracted my cat and tried again to let Kitty in.  Again Conrad tried to attack.  He hissed this time, too.

Three more attempts having the same result, I finally shut the door, leaving KB outside.  Conrad flounced off, triumphant, and I returned to my tea.

A moment later the squeegee noise started again.  KB had taken himself around the house and was now knocking at the back door.  I opened to him and he trotted in, looking extremely please with himself, and sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor to clean his paws.  Just then Conrad came round the corner, and stopped dead, apparently astonished to find his rival back in the house.  There was a little bit of surly grumbling from both of them, but they appear to have made peace for now.

Why can't they all get along?

Pretty cat!


  1. Awww...he may be bully but he's such a handsome cat!

    And I love the description of the squeeking knock!


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