I thought for a while that my hair was going crazy, but it appears that I actually just have a tree growing out of my head.
It's been six months since I made this dress (it is the one I wore as a bridesmaid in my best friends' wedding), and I finally got some decent photos of it.  I've been a bit at a loss as to how to get good pictures of things I make for myself -- I haven't any family members handy to recruit.  Sunday afternoon though I went for a walk with the camera and found a useful fence post.

The pattern is Butterick 6582, which I have used previously (but apparently never blogged about).  It's very comfortable and fits well.  The pattern has a slim pencil skirt option as well; I made that version last time I used the pattern.

The weather was utterly gorgeous -- crisp but warm enough that I was comfortable in a light sweater as long as I kept moving.  There was a glorious sun and quite a brisk wind.

The dress is made of black dupioni silk, which I bought at Hancocks Fabric last summer.  The bodice neckline and arm openings are self-faced, and the dress is unlined.

 It weighs absolutely nothing and moves like a dream.

I want several of these in lightweight floral prints for summer!  So easy to wear and the skirt has such lovely movement.

(Dress: made by me.  Sweater: Old Navy.  Earrings: thrift shop. Shoes: Payless.  Hair holder: craft fair years ago gift from my aunt and uncle. Thanks to Katie for setting me straight on that!)


  1. These are GORGEOUS pictures! The dress is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. I love the first photo especially - didn't notice the tree until you mentioned it. ;) But on the whole it does not detract, but lends a sort of ariel royalty to the mood. I love the V shape on the back neckline. So feminine and flattering!

    1. Sarah - thank you! This is definitely one of my favourite dresses... the silk makes me feel like a princess :D The photos were fun, too - I'm always less self-conscious when no one else is around, so I end up with fewer weird faces and awkward poses ;-P

  2. I had thought that the hair thing came from Auntie Jo....I have one that's the same design but different colour ;) Love the dress!

    1. Kat - maybe you're right. I think you are. I remember now - I used to have one in a similar style that I got at the balloon fest but I think it disappeared in the tornado. I'm glad you like the dress! :)


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