When life hands you lemons

... you could always collect them and put them in this copious string market bag.

Knitted from dishcloth cotton and a conglomeration of patterns.

Then you can take them out again and cut them into gorgeous slices...

...and make honey-lemon marmalade.

Or try strawberry-lemon.  Like summer on toast.

If canning is too much for you, why not try lemon crinkle cookies?   Absolutely to die for.  Do not make a full batch of these if you are the only one who will be home to eat them, because you will find a mere 36 hours later that you have just devoured the last crumb.

I put about double the amount of lemon zest and juice called for.  Try it!
I think lemons are the epitome of summer - bright, tart, refreshing.  What would you do with a bag full of them?