Birthday Supper

Thursday was my birthday, and only the second one I've spent away from my family.  (And the other time, my 18th, I was with my aunt and uncle so it only sort of counted as being away from family!)  Probably most people my age have spent several birthdays away from home, but since mine is in mid-summer I've never been at college or anything for the day.  I had a surprisingly lovely day, however; I didn't have to go in to work, so I had a leisurely morning followed by a voice lesson, followed by chocolate cheesecake from my lovely teacher :)

I made my own birthday dinner (which I frequently do anyway even at home, since I like to cook!)  A friend had posted up the link to this recipe just a few days previously and I thought they looked lovely.  So I made salmon croquettes, with mashed red potatoes, garlic bread, and peas.  It was a lovely meal, light but filling, and extremely easy to prepare; the best kind!

Then I had a cupcake, since the family I babysit for had brought me birthday cupcakes earlier in the day.  (I'm pretty sure the 3-year-old, S. was much more interested in meeting my kitten than in delivering someone else's birthday cupcakes, but that's okay with me!  Her little brother L. was glad to see me -- he recognises me now and it's so delightful to see his face light up when he hears my voice!)  Then a friend stopped by in the evening to return something he'd borrowed, and stayed to talk -- I always enjoy some adult conversation, since I've spent most of my summer either with children under three, or working by myself in the church music library!

All in all, it was a lovely birthday.  Now, I get to go home next week and have a birthday celebration with my family, too!  A bit unexpected but I'm so glad :)


  1. Happy birthday! I really envy you having a summer birthday. I used to have a summer birthday, but alas, I switched hemispheres. Don't ever do that - winter birthdays suck!

  2. Thank you! I used to hate having a summer birthday - school was out, so I never saw any of my friends, and the rest of my family apart from my father have winter birthdays, so I felt a little left out ;-) But I like it now! I am sorry yours is winter now :-/


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