Random Wednesday

I don't have any kind of really coherent post for today... so you get a bunch of random thoughts.

1.  I decided to dodge the whole weight loss/clothes that fit dilemma and make an elastic-waisted petticoat.  It's petal-pink cotton, hem bound with matching satin ribbon, and I kind of love it.  Even if it's not quite as full as I wanted it to be.  Time to pull out the starch!

2.  My little brother travelled to Parris Island Monday and is a couple days into boot camp.  It's really strange to think of him being in the military now... but it's something he wants, he'll be good at it, and I'm so grateful that he and so many others are willing to do this for our country.  Makes me a little teary when I think about it!

3.  I've been watching a lot of soccer on TV the last couple weeks - caught the end of the women's World Cup, and now I'm watching all the televised matches of the World Football Challenge, which is fun.  I played (and refereed) back in high school and I've always had a soft spot for the sport :)

4.  All the futbol - and the sewing projects lined up - are great motivation for exercise.  I've been running/jogging fairly regularly over the last two weeks.  I'm aiming for three times a week, and I'm doing a 1.5 mile loop at the moment.  When that gets easy (when I don't have to walk in the middle!) I'll add an extra zigzag to bring it up to two miles.  My eventual goal is to be able to run 3 miles without stopping, and I'd like to get down to at least an 8-minute pace.

5.  When I was 8 I could run a 7-minute mile.  I'm not sure that will ever happen again.

6.  But it's worth a try.

7.  Oh, and I've lost 1.5 lbs since last week.  This is an excellent birthday present!