A Quilt and an Announcement

I've thought about this move for a long time, and finally made up my mind to go for it.  I now have an Etsy shop!  It's called Somewhen Designs and I'll be offering up a variety of things -- knitted, sewn, and vintage.  My page isn't very lovely yet but I'm working on a pretty layout.  Stay tuned!

For now, there's a baby quilt in the shop!  Machine-pieced and quilted using high-quality cotton fabrics, a cotton-poly batting, and cotton quilting thread.

There will be other things in the shop soon.  I'll try to post about them as I put them up for sale, but do check by in case I miss something :)  And spread the word if you like what you see!

Best of all, it's Conrad-approved!


  1. Yay! Congratulations!

    I want to see the quilts but the pictures are't working :-(

  2. I think I've fixed it now - no idea what had gone wrong, but thanks for alerting me to the problem! :-) Let me know if they're still wonky.


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