More Random

We had a fabulous thunderstorm this evening.  The sky grew darker, the wind picked up, and grumbles of thunder heralded the incoming storm.  Then it broke over the town with a roar of thunder and spectacular flashes of lightning through curtains of rain.

The best part of the storm was watching Conrad watch the storm.  He sat in the windowsill, staring down raindrops and never flinching at the lightning.

I've been running every other day for the past couple weeks, a 1.5 mile loop around campus.  (I think I said this already.)  The new part is I think I'm starting to like it.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

That quilt I'm making for my best friend's wedding?  I finally have the top almost completely pieced.  I'll finish that tomorrow.

Her wedding is 12 days away.

I don't think I'm going to have the quilt finished by her wedding...

One thing I have finally learned this summer: how to clean up after myself and keep a space (particularly the kitchen) tidy all the time.  It's only taken me 23 years.