I have a question for all those of you who make your own clothes... how do you deal with weight loss?  I have a long, long list of projects on my to-do list, but I've been hesitating to start any of them because I'm in the process of losing weight and getting into better shape.

This fitness goal is not really so much because I want to be smaller... although that would be a nice side effect... as for health reasons.  I'm a little bit overweight and I have medical conditions that make this a bad thing, so I'm really trying to shed a few pounds.  It's slow.  (I like food too much and exercise is not my first choice of a good time.)  But it is happening, and that's where it affects my sewing.

So... what do you do?  Do you just wait to make that new dress or the outfit you're craving?  Or do you make it in the size you wear now, and plan to take it in later if you drop some inches?  Or do you make it in a smaller size as incentive to exercise?  I really don't know what to do here and I'd love some feedback :)


  1. I have the same dilemma too. I am in the middle of trying to loose the weight I gained after having 3 babies, and, frankly, I've found it pretty frustrating. : / More loosely fitted modern clothes aren't so much of a problem, especially things made with knit fabric or elastic, but anything that is fitted is harder to make work for weight loss I think. The corset and 1860's dresses I made a few months ago are now too big, which cause hollow wrinkles at the rib cage and also creases over the bust - not pretty. : / I don't really have any advice except to say I am with you on this journey! :) Maybe dresses that have, as part of the style, features that would be convenient for weight loss - like fullness at the shoulders making gathers over the bust anyway - dresses with elasticized waistbands, or skirts with elastic waists. I really hate elastic waists normally since they make clothes feel SO casual, but it has been handy for size flexibility. Vintage style dresses made with fitted bands could also be made a tad smaller as your waistline decreases by simply adding a belt to cinch in any bit of extra width. Of course, you could reward yourself with making a new gown for every 5 or 10 lbs you loose! (that's what I have been doing!) :D

  2. I like the idea of making a new gown as a reward for weight loss :D I tend to prefer quite fitted, tailored styles so all the weight-loss-friendly styles seem odd to me, lol. I guess because I'm fairly busty, I don't like a lot of fullness or blousiness! But I will keep your suggestions in mind :)

    Oh -- and though I know it's frustrating, it's a good thing really that those dresses and the corset are too big, right? So congratulations on that :)


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