David Dancing

I'm finally getting a chance to post about my little brother's dance recital!  It happened actually over a month ago, but I just now got hold of photos, and they're quite good so I didn't want to post something without them :-)

All the blue-shirt photos are from the jazz number.
David's always been a very physical sort of person - a natural soccer player, quick and agile.  He took up dance lessons 4 years ago, I think, starting just with tap lessons.  Last year he added ballet and this year he took tap, ballet and jazz lessons.

It's been so fun watching him progress in his dancing.  The first year he hadn't hit his growth spurt yet.  He was the only boy (until this year, he was *always* the only boy!) and as it was his first year they sort of hid him in the back.  The next year he was more confident -- and taller! -- and he had a much more prominent role.  This year they actually featured him!

I may be biased but I think he cuts a very impressive figure on the stage :-)  I'm impressed with his dedication and with his skill -- this year he was in the Advanced Tap class, along with girls who have been dancing since they were six years old.  I think he's done well :-)  And I can't help thinking of the Biblical David, dancing before the Lord.  I think my David does that as well :-)

And now, my (big) little brother is about to enter a new phase of his life.  This coming Monday he ships out to boot camp for the Marine Corps.  He'll be at Parris Island for the next 13 weeks or so.  A very different life from high school and dance classes, but this is the right thing for David and I'm excited to see his growth through these next few weeks.

Ballet number. Can you believe this is only his second year?
I don't have his mailing address yet but when I do I'll be posting it.  He won't have any contact with the outside world except through the mail, and I know he'd love to get letters.  I realise very few, if any, of my readers know David personally but I think he'd appreciate anything he can get!

Final jazz number for all the high-schoolers.
Yep, that's my little brother :)  Here in the tap number.
I can't wait to see what God does in David's life in the next few years.  Maybe it will involve dancing!