Poor Conrad!  This morning my landlady's son had the neighbour's dog here for a bath (K. is raising money for football in the fall so he's been doing odd jobs.)  Conrad is fine with the two dogs who already live here, but apparently this new one was just too much for him.

Unfortunately for me I was still asleep for this episode (having arrived home from babysitting at 4 in the morning.)  But what I've been told is this:

The new dog was exploring.  He sniffed at the other two cats without mishap.  Conrad was apparently unaware of his existence -- so when the dog pranced up to him, Conrad freaked.  He tore out of the kitchen, rounded the corner, jumped up onto the master bed -- and made an attempt to hurl himself out of the bedroom window.  This having failed, he retreated to the kitchen window and stayed there, arched up, puffy, and hissing, for the next two hours -- doing what K. calls his "witch cat" impression.  Finally he ventured down to the sofa, where he huddled into my lap and stuck his face in my elbow.  (He never does this unless he's had a really bad day.)

If this weren't funny enough, he seems to have decided that the culprit dog was not the neighbour's, but Jezebel, who is the same colour.  They're usually pretty good friends and play together, but this seems to be over.  So now every time he sees Jezebel he arches up and growls, and he's hardly left his windowsill.  He's showing every sign of being completely traumatized.  I wonder how long it'll take him to calm down and realize he's okay?