Clean ALL the Things!

This morning I was accidentally lazy... slept through my alarms and didn't wake until a phone call at 10:30.  Then I lounged around in my pyjamas until the rental company called and asked whether they'd given me a mini van because I needed a mini van, and if not, could they switch it out for something smaller?  Of course I said yes, but then I figured I should put on clothes and maybe tame the bedhead.

And after the delivery of the new rental car, it was suddenly one of those days when it is necessary to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS now, at once.  So the kitchen is spotless and I tidied my room and vacuumed (even the stairs) and I'm about to put in my third load of laundry.  I'm even tempted to pull out my craft stash and start organizing, except that the voice of reason is telling me that I have to go to church choir rehearsal in half an hour and even on a Clean ALL the Things day, I can't organize my entire stash in half an hour.*

So I'll content myself with switching out the laundry, and maybe clear out my part of the fridge.  (And I am so glad that my cleaning day coincided with the best laundry drying day we've had in weeks!)

*Well.  Choir rehearsal was canceled.  But I still think I'll hold off on the organizing.  It would un-tidy everything I worked so hard to do today!