Movie Review - Avengers

Today I took advantage of one of the huge perks of my job and saw The Avengers.  (Free movies! Woohoo!)  I loved it!  I laughed, I cried (a little), I tensed up and then let out sighs of relief...  I was astonished to find that I'd been in the theatre for almost 3 hours.  The movie completely pulled me in.

Some of that might have been the 3-D technology - it's only the second time I've seen a movie in 3-D and this one went better for me.  (The first time, I had a splitting headache and couldn't see straight afterwards.  This time, I was just a little squinty when I rejoined the world.)  I'm still getting used to it - it's weird to have things apparently fly out of the screen at you, or have the illusion of being surrounded in mist/clouds/whatever, but for this movie at least I liked it.  I'm still not sure it's necessary for all movies (chick flicks in 3-D would be weird, I'm pretty sure), but for an action/adventure/superhero/fantasy flick, I can see why it's gaining popularity.

The acting was good, the script was AMAZING - so many great one-liners and well-paced witty banter!  Of course, no one expects any less from Joss Whedon.  I've decided I really need to go back and watch Thor and Captain America now - they both came out in the period when I didn't have any money at all, so I missed them in theatres, but I liked the characters enough in this film that I'd like to see more of them.

Also: I've decided I love going to the movies by myself, and I like going to matinees when there aren't so many people.  I think there were only eight other people in the theatre - so I could curl up, enjoy my candy, and not have to worry about the inevitable noise a hundred other people make, or be careful not to elbow someone, or be distracted by someone squeezing past to go to the bathroom... and to get refills... and go to the bathroom again.... (this happened last time I saw a movie in theatres!)

Also: Loki.  Coolest villain I've seen in a while :D
Anyway, all that to say, I had a very enjoyable afternoon, and I might be starting to understand the 3-D hype, and if you haven't seen Avengers yet, you should remedy that situation, and soon.  Although it looks like it'll be in theatres for a while yet!  But if you do go, try not to drop your popcorn, remember to throw away your trash, and raise up the arm-rests of your seat when you leave.  Your ushers will thank you :-)