This evening I went for a walk in the rain.  It's so quiet when it rains; no sound but the frogs, no one else outside but the fireflies dancing in the meadow.  Peace is everywhere.

Yesterday, though, was blazing hot and everyone had come out for a jog.  (Silly people!)  I rode my bicycle about half-way up to the Amish farm, but I got tired and hot and anyway I remembered I didn't have my wallet, so I couldn't buy strawberries. But I had a nice ride, and I got to take my new outfit for a spin.

I picked this up at Goodwill a few weeks ago for about $4, and I love it!  I've been skeptical of the trend for playsuits/rompers (maybe because the names are so childish?) but I couldn't resist the polka-dots and this has become my new favourite thing to wear.  It's comfortable, it's easy, and in the Tennessee heat it's cool and breezy.  It's a rayon blend, with little shell buttons.  Once it had shoulder pads but I don't need any help in having square shoulders, so I took them out!

I wanted to pair it with my red belt but this seems to have disappeared into oblivion, or the depths of my non-closet.  I still think it would be cute, though!

Oh, and just LOOK at my new necklace!  I would love it anyway, but I love it even more because my brother got it for me :-)  It's inspired by the "mockingjay pin" which is a major feature of The Hunger Games... I like this one because it's close enough to a mockingjay for people to recognize it, but it's not the mass-produced movie-version.

Tomorrow begins the search for a new car and the earnest application for summer jobs.  But I am glad for this weekend of sunshine and rain.

(Playsuit: Goodwill / Sandals: Sketchers / Necklace: Etsy /Scarf: Vintage (from my grandmother?)


  1. Well, I must say, I am not generally a fan of playsuits, but you look great in one! What a lovely find! And, yes with the red belt!

    1. Thanks, Serena! I was kind of surprised that I liked this one - when I grabbed it off the rack I thought it was a dress. But I love it!


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