Sometimes I worry about projecting a false impression of my life on this blog.  I tend only to post when I have a pretty new project to show you... a funny story... a new opportunity to share.  Most of the time I leave out the struggles, the heartache, the difficult times.  Believe me, they happen, and frequently, but I try not to burden the internet world with them!

Today, though, I'll be serious.  I just heard that a young man I met last month at a vocal competition - the winner of my category, in fact - lost his life this past weekend in a car accident.  I only spoke to him for a few minutes - I can hardly claim I knew him.  But the news shocked me, and has made me pause and think about my life.  How precious life is.  How much we take it for granted!

My heart goes out to his family and friends.  May he rest in peace.