Things I would LIKE to do in the next few weeks:

~ Finish the quilt I've been working on since last January.  (A now 8-months-late wedding present.)
~ Spin.
~ cut out and make about three other quilts.  (I have the quilting itch this month.  I can't help it!)
~ Go for long walks.
~ Not worry about finding a summer job.
~ Make things for Etsy.
~ Read mindless things.
~ Work on my novel.
~ Just be.

Things I NEED to do in the next few weeks:

~ final exams
~ major music analysis project
~ find a summer job.

Sigh.  Why is it that reality is so much more boring (and less creative) than the fantasy?


  1. Unless you are really, really, behind ... a bit of time management should take care of at least the first two needful items and still leave time for several of the wishful items. (Put 'Sleep' on the mandatory list, by the way. Whoever reads your exams and project will thank you.) If you do 4 hours of Needful for every hour or two of Wishful, relatively everything will get done.

    Will pray for the summer job part of things. Those are handy!

    1. I like that idea. I should try scheduling better - or keeping track of how much time I actually spend on any one activity.

      Thanks for the prayers. I would like to be able to continue paying rent! :)


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