Hot Pink for Easter

I thought I would show you what I wore on Easter!  I made this dress about a year and a half ago but I don't think it's ever made it onto the blog.

The pattern is a simple princess-seamed, scoop-necked dress (I think a Butterick or New Look pattern, but I don't have it on hand to check).  The main fabric is a rayon blend (?) which I picked up several years ago; it's lined in palest pink cotton.

It drapes so prettily!

I've decided I need to learn to accessorize with colours other than black!  Most of my belts, shoes, handbags, etc are black, which goes with everything, but it gets a bit tedious after a while.  Any ideas?

The sun was extremely bright on Easter -- befitting the day, but a bit challenging for photography, hence the slightly strange exposure and focus of some of these pictures!


  1. My philosophy with color has always been to be brave. I once wore a peach colored sweater and paired it with a turquoise necklace. Also, if there is an abundance of a particular color in an outfit, don't accessorize with that color. Choose a color in the design that is less prominent. And don't ever be afraid to go with something that contrasts completely - as long as they're in the same shade family, you'll be fine.

  2. I LOVE this dress! The color and print are so sweet and the fit is perfect. But I must admit I was most struck with your hair. You have incredible hair! I get stuck in the black-for-accessory-color rut too. Although I do think black looks very nice with most other colors, I'm thinking a deep mossy green would be pretty with this dress, or turquoise, as May suggested. . .I know my 1860's sensibilites are coming out now (pairing two rather contrasting colors together) but it DOES make each color "pop" when you have two totally different colors that really look nice together.

    1. I like the idea of turquoise with this, and I actually have a turquoise cardigan! I'll have to try it. I tend to be quite "safe" about colour combinations, but maybe I should try to move out of my comfort zone a little more :)

      About the hair - thanks! It's naturally very straight, so I always feel a little odd taking compliments on it when it's wavy/curly, as it's artificial! But thank you, nonetheless :)


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