Aprons for the Shop

Woah.  Apparently Blogger has been busy changing the look and interface of posting when I wasn't paying attention!  That was a bit of a surprise...

In other news, I've spent the weekend dismembering thrifted clothing!  It sounds crazy, but it's fun.  There are several shops around here (Goodwill and others) at which you can get items of clothing for only a few dollars, and they all have a "99 cent" day as well.  I've found that this is an excellent source of fabric!  If I can buy a sheet for a dollar and get the equivalent of 5 or 6 yards of good quality fabric, why pay the price-per-yard?  And I've found that men's shirts provide quite a lot of good, useable fabric as well.

Embroidered linen apron.
Mostly this is good for quilts, but I made aprons, too!  Long, linen skirts are perfect to make waist aprons out of.

Natural linen, with a pocket!
I've spent a lot of the weekend sewing, as stress relief since the semester's almost over, and also because I can't spend any time singing right now as my voice is completely gone.  So, I made three aprons, and they're all up in my shop!

Petal pink and pretty.
Now I'm going to work on the quilt I'm currently obsessed with, and try to remember not to talk to the cat...


  1. Gillian, those aprons are beautiful, especially the pink one. I wish I could buy it but, alas, the tax man wants his pound of flesh next week.

    I think I need to go digging in my local thrift shops if one can find such lovely linen there.

  2. Those are delightful! I prefer the linen - but I want my aprons to do hard labor :)


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