A Quilt Top

There's something so satisfying about turning hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric into a whole cloth.

Conrad thinks so, too.

On the whole I'm really pleased with the way this came together -- from thrifted sheets and clothing, from my stash, and (in one case) a pair of shorts my mother made, which were worn by both my brothers.  I just cut out the worn spots and used the rest of the fabric.  Now it just needs to be "sandwiched" and quilted.  But that will have to wait until the other quilt I'm working on is finished and comes off the frame!

I was going for a color palate which would appeal to boys as well as to me.  I think I succeeded: this got a word of approval from both my landlady's sons.  Though Erik, who was helping me lay out the blocks, watched me for a while and then remarked "You're kind of a perfectionist, aren't you?"

That was very perceptive of him.  I'm going to try to pretend that the three spots where two identical squares ended up next to each other (despite my best efforts) don't really bother me!