I had the pleasure of making several things at the request of a dear friend (mother of one of my college friends!)

She asked for a tea cosy
It doesn't fit my pot, but hopefully it fits hers!

and a mug cosy, with the nickname of a friend on it

I love how the ties came out corkscrewed!

and a pineapple doily, like one her grandmother had crocheted for her many years ago.

This was the hardest part, because I had to figure out how to follow a crochet lace pattern!  But I managed it, and I'm so pleased with how it came out.

Thanks, Mrs K!  I had so much fun making these things, and I always enjoy doing commissions because I know who the items are going to -- makes it more personal :-)


  1. Gillian, my dear, you outdid yourself! Every item you made turned out just as I imagined them to be and absolutely perfectly! Your attention to detail is so appreciated as is your quest to find just the right pattern for the doily. It is exactly the pattern my grandmother used! Also, my friend was delighted with her new mug cozy! She likes her tea piping hot, so this should do the trick. Thanks again for sharing your handiwork talents with me!
    Mrs. K

    1. I am so glad everything turned out just as you wanted it! That is always my one concern with long-distance projects. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make so many interesting things! :-)


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