Eventually, I will have that post about the player piano for you.  I'm having issues with the video.  For now, though, spring flowers!

They are so delicate to look at, but so sturdy.

And I'm finally getting the hang of making my camera focus sharply on a single object while blurring out the background.


  1. Do tell how to make one's camera obey! I am clueless how to make the little focus box match up with what *I* think the camera should focus on.

    Pretty pictures!

    1. Thanks! I can't speak for anyone else's camera. I have a Canon Powershot - your fairly basic digital point-and-shoot. I've found for detailed shots like these flowers it works best to have the camera very close to the subject (about a foot is ideal, not more than 2 feet away). I put it on the "macro" setting, and just make very sure the focus box is actually centred on whatever I want most in focus. It usually takes a couple tries and some adjustment of the distance from the object before it focuses properly... and I probably take at least 4 bad photos for every one that turns out decently! (But at least with digital that doesn't matter!)

      Some day, I would love to get a "fancy" camera and learn about manual focus and all the rest of it. But for now I'm just figuring out how to take the best photos I can with my little camera!


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