Of Mitts and Migraines

Yesterday I had a migraine.  It's maybe the second time in my life this has happened and I hope it's the last (but it probably won't be.)  I woke up with a splitting headache and that weird haze - almost a mirage? - floating in the corner of my eyesight and making it difficult to see out of my left eye.  I almost stayed home from school but decided against it -- I hate skipping class.  The haze went away, mostly, before I left, so I thought I was doing better.

Not so much.  By halfway through my 9 o'clock class my teacher said I looked like I'd just died, and after class he told me to go home and forget about the rest of the day.  I considered it, and decided I didn't feel well enough to drive anywhere, so I curled up on a bench in the lobby -- where apparently I terrified another teacher, as I was so white in the face she thought I'd passed out.

So I spent two hours lying on a couch in yet another teacher's office.  I have to say I was so touched by how everyone took care of me and was so sweet!  I hate being a problem so I hesitated to ask for help, but so many people offered it.  People are nice :)

Anyway I survived the day, made it home without further mishap, and woke up headache-free this morning.  Hooray!  And I even managed to finish a knitting project in the midst of everything.

The original mitts.  (Yes, she's unhappy.  But not because of her mitts!)
I've been working on these for a while.  They're inspired by a pair from the final episode of Doctor Who's Season 2; when I saw them I immediately decided I needed to knit them!  Dozens of blurry screencaps, lots of charting, and about 10 re-knits later, I have a pair.  They're even the same size!

(That's a big deal, because I re-knit the cuff of mitt #2 at least 5 times before I got it to come out the same gauge as the first one.  This is the problem with not knitting them immediately one after the other!)

I put these on Etsy this morning and this pair is already spoken for.  Wow!  I plan on knitting more, though.  I have a purple pair planned for myself at some point.  What colour do you think I should make next to sell?


  1. Oh migraines are horrible! I have hormonal related ones, I tend to have one a month. Normally I'm lucky that they fall on a weekend, and if they don't I tend to try and go to work but I've had the odd day off because of them. I've found that rest is all that sorts them out, and most painkillers don't touch them. So nice that you were looked after :-)


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