Busy Sunday

Today has been a lot busier than I usually like my Sundays.  We've got the children's musical coming up this week at church, so we held a two-hour rehearsal directly after morning service.  How is it that children always have several times the energy of the adults in charge?

This afternoon there was an orchestra concert at school -- the two winners of the Concerto and Aria competition, plus they played Brahms' 2nd Symphony, which was excellent.  (Well, it all was!)  I had about an hour and a half between the end of my rehearsal and the beginning of the concert, so I wandered around campus in leisurely fashion and took pictures of flowering trees.  Also of myself, because I could.

For a change, no part of this outfit was made by me!  I do occasionally wear ready-made clothes ;-)

 The dress and the shirt are both from Old Navy.  I bought this dress back freshman year of college, but I almost never wore it -- it's a halter dress with a very low back, and I always felt uncomfortable in it, even with a little sweater.

Then it occurred to me that I could wear a shirt under it.  Duh!  I don't know why it took me three years to figure that out!  Now I wear it all the time.  It's really comfortable and if I don't wear the belt it's even more comfy.  Just a simple a-line dress, and it's cotton so it's great for warm days.  On cooler days I wear tights (I've got a bright purple pair that I love with this) and a sweater, so it's really versatile, too.

The belt is one I got from clothing donations after the tornado.  Shoes, if you can even see them in the pictures, are from Target.  The large iced coffee is from Starbucks ;-)  My hair started out the day curly, but it was still a little damp when I took it down this morning so the curls didn't last long.

I'm not sure what sort of tree this is, but it's lovely!  Campus is full of flowering trees in the spring and I'm really enjoying them all.  It took me a week or so to become resigned to the fact that it really is spring -- the daffodils aren't supposed to bloom in February! -- but I decided I'd better enjoy it since it's here and it won't last long!

Now I'm off to finish my project for music analysis and try to find my big clear ruler so I can use my rotary cutter...


  1. Gillian:

    The tree in your last picture is a weeping cherry.

    -Nathan W.

    1. Thanks! So I guessed it right by accident... but I wasn't sure if such a tree existed, so I didn't mention it here :)


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