Back Again

My goodness, it's been a while since I posted!  I've been quite busy and also out of town, first for a vocal competition and then for choir tour.  I'll post more about both of them in the coming days but I thought I'd pop by and mention that I'm still alive!  Briefly, though:

Orpheus Vocal Competition at MTSU.  Didn't place, did have fun.

Stopped by my alma mater on choir tour.  Saw old friends and teachers, sang with my old choir, was for three hours perfectly content.

Met a cat named Cat.

Lunch on Beale Street, got soaked going back to the bus in the rain.  Wrung water out of clothing.  Amazed no one got sick.

Home-stay last night with a wonderful lady who had (among other things) a lovely cat an a 1921 player piano.  Also five antique music boxes, the kind you can put discs into to play different songs.

Came home and immediately made a pot of good tea.  It's been a whole week.

Also made a microwave mug cake to celebrate being back.  Best one I've ever tried although the salt did not get very evenly distributed.  (Recipe HERE.)

Pardon the poor photography.  The kitchen lighting is pretty terrible after dark.
The cream is shaken, not whipped.  Still good though.

Back soon with more details!  Hope you've all been happy while I was gone :-)