The Hunger Games

I avoided reading The Hunger Games for quite a while.  It seemed like just another one of those fad series; I pictured it as another Twilight, and decided to skip it.  But I finally heard enough good things about the books from people I respect.

I read the first one in 4 hours -- picked it up to read a few pages before bed, and finished at 3 in the morning.  Definitely a page-turner!  So I was excited to see the film when it came out, although I wasn't sure I would actually like it.  I'm so picky about movie adaptations of book.  But I thought this was excellent.  It was extremely unusual in that large sections of the film actually looked almost exactly like my mental picture.  So cool!  I'll probably be blogging about the series again once I've read the second and third books.  Not only are they impossible to put down but the first one really made me think.

At the top - the Reaping hairstyle. Below, right before the Arena.
Now I'm slightly obsessed with Katniss's hairstyles.  In the book she's described as wearing her hair in a side braid most of the time, with an elaborately braided up-do for the Reaping.  I loved what they did with her hair in the movie!  So I decided to do my own the same way.  I've been wearing side-braids and braided up-dos for years but today I deliberately copied the film.  Then I dressed sort of Katniss-style and went for a photo-shoot in the woods.

A Dutch braid going from left to right, and then wrapped up and pinned.
Reaping hair.  The tiny braid was my own addition -
I don't think it's done quite like that in the film.
My not-quite-a-mockingjay earrings!

The everyday braid.
My version doesn't look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence's, because I don't have the same bangs, but I think I got close.  And it's such an easy and flattering style.  I'll definitely be doing my hair like this again!


  1. I really love your hair all braided. I saw the movie and now I really want to read the books.


    1. Thanks, Emma! I've only read the first book but it's really good. Take my advice and start it when you have several hours free - I couldn't put it down!


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