Prayer for my family

I'd appreciate if you'd pray for my grandmother (my dad's mother). A couple months ago she fell and needed hip surgery - she's been in hospital and rehab ever since. Mum told me tonight she's not doing well at all - she's not comfortable or happy in the rehab place, and so she's just not getting better.  Apparently my uncle called my dad to tell him this tonight.

If you would, pray for several things: that Grandma would be able to be comfortable, and would recover physically. And that she would through this come to know Christ - neither she nor my grandfather are believers. I am so frightened that they will die without salvation.... my grandfather is not in good health either. My dad would also appreciate prayers for peace and wisdom; his parents are a good 11 hours from us, and he is trying to decide whether he needs to take leave of work to be with them.


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