A new blog!

Well!  I have for the past several years been blogging on livejournal - modestly and rather privately, as I believe I *may* have 3 readers!  In any case, from convenience, for more visibility, and simply because I know more people using blogger, I've decided to switch over.  I'll probably repost my latest blog from the old one, but from then on it'll be new, fresh material.  

What do I blog, you ask?  Well, it varies!  Sometimes just a brief news update; sometimes a longer reflection on some issue or question that I've been wrestling with.  My favourites are probably the photo posts though: either a brand-new creation I can't resist sharing, or photos of my garden, or places I've been that were too gorgeous to keep to myself.  There should be a good variety, and I hope it is interesting!

I'm excited for this new blog.  It's easier to navigate (and to remember to go to!) so I hope blogging will become more frequent and less boring for my readers ;) 


  1. I'm glad you've switched over to Blogger. It makes it easy for me to follow you! ;)


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