Music in the park

Hello again!  I have a picture-heavy post today - I couldn't decide between them, so you get the lot!  Before you accuse me of false advertising, I promise you there was music in the park - but as it's impossible to photograph music, I haven't any pictures of it :)

These photographs were all taken in the Kensington Metro Park, where my family and I went for a picnic and to enjoy the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's "concert in the park" this past Friday.  The weather was perfect - warm, but not stifling, just the tiniest whiffle of a breeze - and I could not resist taking photos of the lovely parklands!
The lakes were so still - everything reflected in them!  Trees, clouds, road signs... 
And the lighting was incredible.  Every new vista looked like it could be part of the setting for a rural, romantic film!
Here is my dog, enjoying the attention of my father after our picnic but before the concert started.  There are advantages to a dog who is going blind and deaf - she doesn't get worked up about the other canines in the area!  I am not sure she even noticed them, and she was perfectly well-behaved the whole night.  Not a yip out of her.
And the crowd!  This is not even a third of the people who were there - packed in on picnic blankets and with their folding chairs.  It was wonderful to see such a good turn-out for a classical music event!  And I loved to watch the children - it's so informal, and they could just enjoy themselves.  Every time the music was upbeat and lively, all the little ones I could see would get up and dance!  I loved to see them enjoying the music.  (One little fellow was even conducting - very seriously, with huge dramatic cutoffs at the end of phrases!)
This is beauty.  This is bliss.  I could sit and look at this view all day and never grow tired of it.  Natural beauty, combined with excellent music - what more could one want?


  1. Wow, it looks so lovely and tranquil and serene! And even better with music

  2. How utterly beautiful and romantic! A perfect setting for a lovely historical film, indeed.

    Your dog is adorable!


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