Oh look! a camera cord!

Since I've now found a camera cable (although not mine) which is compatible with my camera, I thought I'd share some photos!

Here was my progress (a week ago) on the 1830s corded stays I'm working on.  Someone needs to explain to me why I decided to do these entirely by hand, because I certainly don't know!  I've made a lot more progress since then - the upper half of the left front/side is completed now.

Irises decorating the "teacup shelf" in the dining room.  We've had a bumper crop of them this year - I filled the house with them for two weeks.

This is just silly - David drew a face in the dry ingredients of corn bread, and I was amused so I took a photo.

This is my first time trying to do photos on blogger, and while it's quite easy to upload them, I need to work out re-positioning!  Maybe it would be easier to upload all the photos first and put text in afterwards, instead of trying to juggle photos around existing text?


  1. That face really ticked me! I love Irises, such gorgeous flowers. Uploading photos can be a pain - it can take ages and you try to move the html code around the text and end up separating it by mistake and then it won't post properly! Arghhh! Yes, I think photos first is a good idea

  2. Oh, I LOVE your 1830's stays!!!! They look wonderful so far and I'm so impressed you are doing them by hand. On mine (that no longer fit! lol) I sewed the hidden seams on machine but did the visible seams (on the outside) by hand. That took long enough, I thought. You do lovely work.

  3. Hi Gillian,
    Thanks for the comments on my blog! I think you should definitely post the pictures first through blogger, then post text. It is too hard to drag everything around once you've already posted text. Or you can upload everything into photobucket and then just insert the html for the photos-that way you have larger photos.

  4. Thanks for all the advice about posting photos. My second attempt went much more smoothly!

    Sarah - thank you! This is a *major* undertaking for me, as I don't do a lot of handsewing, but I think I will be so much more pleased with them because I took the trouble to make them "right".


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