Most Peculiar...

I didn't think our lake was infested by piranhas - but perhaps I'm mistaken?

Let me explain.  My sister and I went swimming today, out to the raft/diving tower in the middle of the lake.  We like to hang out under the raft -- it's supported by air barrels around the edges, but the middle is clear, and is a good cool place out of the sun.  Well, we were there today, and all of a sudden something touched my shoulder.  I turned around, and there was a fish.  A little lake fish -- I couldn't tell you what kind -- no longer than my hand.  He showed no signs of fear, swimming around me once or twice.

And then he bit my leg.

I was - um - astonished.  It didn't hurt - his teeth aren't made for puncturing human flesh, apparently.  But that a little fish like that would try to bite me!  And not only once, either.  He followed me around for a while -- every so often our splashing would scare him off, but he was always back for another nibble -- my knuckle, my arm, even once my cheek.  It was the most peculiar thing!

(Interestingly, he only nibbled my sister once, and apparently he didn't like her.  I wonder if it was my sunscreen that was attracting him?  I can't think why he would find it appealing, but why else should he go for me and not Kate?)

Anyway, we couldn't get over this fish!  After the first startled silence, Kat and I would've fallen over laughing, had we not been floating in water.  And the laughter continued as the fish followed me around.  I joked it was stalking me, but it really did seem to be!  Certainly not our usual swimming experience.


  1. Peculiar indeed. I have to say, that would have had me squealing. Fish are a bit strange.

  2. Oh my! That is so unusual. I have heard of BIG fish biting people, but little ones? Perhaps he thought you were invading his water space! But what a memory that will be for you and your sister! :)

  3. That is so bizarre! Who would have thought a little fish would nibble a human! You must taste delicious Gillian ;-)


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