I did almost everything I wanted to this weekend, with the result that I managed to be both extremely productive and extremely relaxed.  Just what I needed!
Saturday: banana bread, split pea soup, and tea with yarn trimmings.
I finished all three of the projects I had hoped to, I sat outside and reveled in the sudden almost-Autumn weather, I drank lots of tea, I baked banana bread, I made comfort food to celebrate the return of reasonable temperatures.  (Which have departed again, today, but I have hope that they are not far away now!)
Beautiful sky, wrangling a shawl, and yes, that is a scarf on a lamp-post.
After church today I went down to the riverside and had one enormous photo shoot.  Let me tell you it is rather difficult to be both model and photographer when the thing you are photographing is socks.  But I ended up with some decent shots, I think.
Tropical Storm scarf, Phoenix socks, enormous wooly Doctor Who scarf on a rather hot day.
More photos will follow soon as I do a feature post on each of these projects!  But I wanted to give you a glimpse of my weekend.  After the stress and fatigue of this past week of school, I couldn't have asked for a better rest.
Cumberland River, new quilt blocks, and a really big hat.