Empty Weekend

Due to a slight error on my part (I turned in a request-off form at work when I thought I'd be spending this weekend in Nashville singing Mahler, and forgot to rescind the request when I decided not to do the concert) I find myself suddenly in possession of a completely empty weekend.  Nothing scheduled for this evening, or tomorrow, or Sunday after church.  (Sunday at church I'm singing, but that's a different matter!)

Knowing me, I'm sure it won't stay empty for long.  I have a couple knitting projects I want to finish up and photograph, there's a quilt top in need of piecing calling my name, operas to watch, and I might bike a couple miles up the road to get produce from the Amish farm if it doesn't rain tomorrow.  But none of it will involve being at work or at school, so I'm happy!

Quilt supplies.  With rotary cutter prominently displayed... the photo is from last summer when it was brand new.  Yes, I cut the initial strips last summer and haven't touched them since....