The Doctor's Scarf

It is finished!  All 12+ feet of stripy garter stitch wonderfulness.

As with the Phoenix socks, the knitting has been finished since July.  But then I got stuck.  There were about eleventy-trillion ends to work in and I just couldn't face it.  However last Saturday I sat down and made an effort and got it finished.  (And there turned out to be only a hundred and seventeen, not a whole eleventy-trillion.  So that's good.)

It's quite difficult to figure out how to photograph a twelve-foot-long scarf.  Somehow if you manage to fit it all into the frame it looks a bit small and doesn't really convey the scope of the scarf!  However I think I managed it.  The best part was definitely climbing up the lamp-post to tie the scarf on!  I got a few odd looks but the photos came out and that's all that matters.

This one is listed in the shop, both as itself - ready to wear - and as a custom order.  I certainly hope people want more of these, (because they're fun!) but I'm not prepared to commit the time and money to making lots if there is no demand.  Hence the custom listing.  Photos of what you will get, but I'll knit it just for you!

And guys -- this thing is warm.  Yesterday was a nice breezy 80 or so and I couldn't keep it on long.  But for a crisp autumn day or a chilly winter it would be perfect!


  1. Wow. It is certainly awesome.

  2. That scarf is just WOW. It's insane. (In a very good sort of way).


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