Opera and Knitting

What better way to spend a slightly gloomy Saturday?

Last week the Metropolitan Opera aired their productions of Wagner's entire Ring Cycle on PBS stations across the country.  Pretty cool!  Unfortunately I couldn't watch them at the times they were aired, but *fortunately* I have access to a tv with DVR capabilities, so I recorded all four operas.  Today I finally got the chance to watch the first one, Das Rheingold.

Bad photo of the tv screen.  This was Loge (Loki!) explaining one of his schemes to Fricka and a sceptical Fasolt. (Also to Wotan, Freia, Fafner, and Donner and Froh, but they didn't all fit on the screen at one time.)

I've decided Wagner really has to be watched.  I've listened to portions of this opera (and other music by Wagner) before and really didn't care for it, but with the addition of visuals - good actors, and really fantastic sets and lighting effects - I really enjoyed this.  (He's still not my favourite, and I'm still not sorry that I do not and will never have a voice capable of singing Wagner.  But this was fun to watch, and I'm looking forward to the next time I have three spare hours when no one else needs the tv!)

Conrad kept me company for most of it (thought he didn't look terribly impressed) and I got a lot of knitting done.