The Phoenix Socks, they who went to the Schermerhorn and observed the performance of good music, have been finished for over at month now.  I grafted up the second toe on my birthday, back in July.  Then they languished in a basket for a few weeks until I snatched a few minutes to weave in the ends.  And then more languishing, as I waited for an opportunity to take photos of them.

Sunday, finally, was that opportunity.  I took them down to the riverside and struggled with the challenge of being both model and photographer for something worn on my feet.  (Answer: the timer feature on my camera, and very long arms.)  Other challenges included the litter of discarded cans, bottles, and random scraps.  Also the fish: very dead, slightly disintegrated and rather malodorous, floating in the shallows.

This just my basic sock recipe, with Barbara Walker's "Wave and Shield" pattern worked on the leg and top of the foot.  It stretches out nicely when worn, though it looks bunchy and confused by itself.

I haven't decided what the fate of these socks will be, yet.  They're a wee bit on the small side for my feet, so I can't really keep them for myself.  But I don't want to sell them, either - I like them too much for that, and anyway the yarn was a bit of a splurge, so I'd have to charge more than probably anyone would want to pay in order to make it worth my while.

They'll probably go in the gift bin until I decide on a worthy recipient.