Lessons Learned (and a scarf in the shop)

This week is not one I'd care to repeat any time soon (or ever.)  But I think I've learned some lessons... so here they are, interspersed with photos of the latest item in the shop.

They always tell you to keep records of your money - what you spend and what you earn.  Do this.

If you don't do this, you will end up with an overdrawn bank account.

As if you're not poor enough already when you've overdrawn your account, the bank will then charge you a fee for doing so.

When you buy a car, first thing you should do is run (don't walk) to the hardware store and get an extra key made.  Or possibly three.

I didn't do this.

If you don't do this, don't lock your keys in your car.

I did do that.

If you're going to lock your keys in the car, don't pick the coldest night of the winter so far on which to do it.

And don't lock your keys in the car the week your bank account is overdrawn and you've used all your free service calls from AAA.

However, if and when all of this happens, it's nice to have a father who is willing to talk you through trying to jimmy a lock (with a knitting needle), phone AAA to try to persuade them to give you another free call, and when all else fails, gives you permission to use the parental credit card to pay the locksmith and just pay him back when you get money next week.

So yes.  From now on I'm pretty sure I'll be a lot more careful about how much I spend, and about keeping track of my money!  And the first thing I'm planning to do when I get my paycheck is run and get copies of my car key.

(Scarf: 8" wide by 7.5' long, not counting fringe.  Extremely soft acrylic yarn in scarlet and gold.  Based on the Gryffindor scarves from Harry Potter movies 1 and 2.  On sale in the shop!)


  1. O Gillian, I would just love to give you a big hug for this lovely and compelling story of some of the practical things we have to go through on our way to being grown up.


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