I wore high heels to school today.  This is a pretty much unheard-of occurrence -- since I'm already six feet tall, I don't feel the need to emphasise my height any further, and besides flats are far more comfortable.  But I have a singing competition coming up for which I've been informed that it's advisable to wear high heels (something about the way they make you appear onstage?) so I thought I'd get in a little practise.

It's really hard to walk in 3" heels when the most you generally wear is a little 3/4" kitten heel.

Also, high heels make my feet swell.

When your feet swell, those shoes that fit all right at the beginning of the day are suddenly really, really uncomfortable.  So I spent the majority of the day in excruciating pain, trying to smile when people told me how cute my shoes were.  (Well, they ARE cute.  They're lovely.  Just don't ask me to wear them more than once a year!)

On the bus going home this afternoon, I was reading a Sherlock Holmes story and knitting.  This is pretty typical of me on the bus, although the book varies.  But I overheard someone behind me remark to his friend:  "Oh look!  She's reading and crocheting at the same time.  Didn't know you could do that."

(As it happens, I can't... crocheting takes far too much concentration, not to mention I have to look at what I'm doing.)

Also, upon leaving the bus (headed in to the store to pick up some groceries), a man accosted me with "Well, aren't you the cutest little thing to get off that bus today!"  Part of me very much wanted to say two things; "little thing?" and "So have you been watching the bus all day?  What's your basis for that statement?"  I settled for neither of these, but gave him a bit of a smile.  Whereupon he tried to ask me questions like, what was I doing (Wal-mart), was I getting back on the bus (no), where was I going then (home), what, was I walking? (no)... at which point I managed to shake him off.  It's amazing how tenacious people can be.  To me, a monosyllabic answer to every question, and a refusal to make eye contact, would communicate a lack of interest... but apparently not.

Apparently I should also wear high heels, skirts, and oversized shirts if I want to attract undue attention to myself.  (But not those shoes, not unless I can just sit in a corner and look pretty without having to WALK anywhere!)

(And I've come to realise I have NO idea how to react to compliments on my appearance, especially from men.)